• The dual flow created by the dual blade impeller increases the airflow for powerful cooling Performance and delivers efficient airflow to educe noise.
  • EBR (Long Life Bearing) applied, minimizing noise and inflow of the dust for longer life span.
  • Different from typical system fans, the housing support is designed in the reverse direction so that Friction caused by structure can be removed for more efficient airflow.
  • Provides 3 step rpm speed with a built-in fan controller, it can be fine tuned for superior performance or quietness.
  • Dimension: 140(L) x 140(W) x 27(H)mm / Weight: 159g / Fan Speed: 600 - 1,200rpm 10% / Air Flow: 63 CFM / Connector: 3 Pin
  • Air Pressure: 1.1mm H20 / Noise Level: 16.5 - 28 dB(A) 10% / Bearing: EBR (Long Life Bearing) / Voltage: DC 12V / Life Span: 350,000 hrs.


140(L) x 140(W) x 27(H)mm
Fan Speed 600-1,200 RPM ± 10%
Air Flow 63 CFM
Air Pressure
1.1mm H₂O
Noise Level 16.5-28 dB(A) ± 10%
Bearing Type EBR (Long Life Bearing)
Connector 3 Pin
Voltage DC 12V
Life Span350,000hrs
LEDBlue (ZM-DF14BL)/Red (ZM-DF14RL)


Premium Dual Impeller Case Fan

- Dual Blade Designed Impeller
- EBR (Long Life Bearing)
- Reversed-Structure Fan Housing
- 3 Step Fan Control
- Super Dynamic LED Light
- Anti-Vibration Fan Housing
- Anti-Vibration Silicone Pins


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