• Excellent Stability: STC8 thermal conductivity allows heat from CPU or any computer chips to cool down and very safe as there is no electrical conductivity: 8.3 W/m-k.
  • Measuring Graduation: Scale marking on the syringe allows accurate and visual measurement of the content while using or reusing the product.
  • Optimal Viscosity: Particle size technology provides optimal filler density to conveniently use on any type of computer chips. 350-480 Pa.s.
  • Easy to Use and Store: Syringe style is easy to use and rubber-cap prevents liquid content from being hardened over a period of time if reusing is needed.
  • Outstanding Durability: Fine micro particles fill up space between the heatsink and CPU to maximize cooling performance & RoHS Certified.

Model ZM-STC8
66(W) x 19(L) x 12(H)mm
Materials Silicone Dioxid, Aluminum Oxid, Zinc Oxide
Volume/Net Weight 1.5g
Color Gray
Thermal Conductivity
8.3 W/mK
Viscosity 350~480 Pa.s
Operation Temperature-40~200℃


Super Conducting Thermal Compound

- Excellent Thermal Conductivity
- Micro-Filler Density
- Measuring Graduations for Convenience
- Particle Surface Treatment Technology
- RoHS Eco-Friendly Certified
- Excellent Stability


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