Zalman CNPS9X Performa ARGB CPU Air Cooler Black
Zalman CNPS9X Performa CPU Air Cooler

    • Unmatched Cooling Performance: The CNPX 9X Performa boasts an innovative and highly efficient cooling design, ensuring your CPU stays at the ideal temperature even under heavy loads.
    • Enhanced Stability with Anti-Vibration Damper: Equipped with an advanced anti-vibration damper, the CNPX 9X Performa ensures silent and stable operation, minimizing any unwanted noise.
    • Mesmerizing RGB Lighting: Add a touch of style to your PC build with the mesmerizing RGB lighting featured on the CNPX 9X Performa. The stunning RGB illumination not only enhances the cooler's aesthetics but also adds an impressive visual dimension to your gaming rig.
    • Optimized PWM Control: Enjoy total control over your CPU cooling performance with the CNPX 9X Performa's optimized PWM control. Tailor the fan speed precisely to your needs, strike the perfect balance between performance and noise, and maintain your system's coolness without any hassle.
    • Universal Compatibility: The Zalman CNPX 9X Performa is fully compatible with the latest processors from both Intel and AMD, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free installation process for a wide range of systems.


    Zalman CNPS9X Performa CPU Air Cooler

    Dimensions122 x 76 x 157(H)mm
    MaterialsPure Copper, Pure Aluminum
    Heat Dissipation Area6,510㎠
    Heat Pipe4
    Fan Dimensions120 x 120 x 25(H)mm
    Fan Bearing TypeHydro Bearing
    Fan Speed700~1,800RPM±10%
    Max. Fan Noise Level28dB(A)±10%
    Max. Fan Air Flow61.36CFM±10%
    Max. Fan Air Pressure1.43mmH2O±10%
    Fan Life Span50,000hours
    Fan Connector Type4-Pin
    Fan Control MethodPWM Control
    Rated Voltage12V DC
    Rated Current0.25A
    Power Consumption3W
    Socket CompatibilityIntel Socket : LGA1700/1200/115X
    AMD Socket : AM5 / AM4
    RGB Connector3-Pin


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