• Improved cooling performance by increasing the heat dissipation area 15% with the 4D stereoscopic corrugated cooling fin
  • 350 individual airflow passages are formed to improve the straightness of the airflow
  • Application of RDTH (Reverse Direct Touch Heatpipe), IHD (Interactive Heatpipe transfer Design) for excellent performance with minimum heat resistance
  • 140mm Dual-Blade spider fans provide maximum cooling performance with unique RGB effect (ZALMAN Patent), Supports motherboard addressable RGB sync (3-Pin, 5V)
  • Compatible with  Intel LGA2066/2011-V3/2011/1200/115X & AMD AM4/AM3+/AM3
  • 5 years warranty (Zalman High End CPU Cooler Only: CNPS20X, CNPS17X, CNPS16X) 


Model CNPS20X
140 x 170 x 165(H)mm
Materials Pure Aluminum, Pure Copper
Weight 1,300g
Heat Dissipation Area 15,242㎠
Heat Pipe 6
TDP 300W
Fan Dimensions
140 x 140 x 26(H)mm
Fan Bearing Type
FDB (Fluide Dynamic Bearing)
Fan Speed 800~1,500 RPM ± 10% 
MAX Fan Noise Level
29.0 dB(A) ± 10%
MAX Fan Air Flow
61 CFM
MAX Fan Air Pressure
1.1mm H₂O
Fan Life Span
100,000 hours
Fan Connector Type Fan: 4-Pin PWM, LED: 3-Pin Addressable
Fan Control Method PWM Control
Rated Voltage Fan: 12V, LED: 5V
Rated Current Fan: 0.28A, LED: 0.3A
Power Consumption Fan: 3.36W, LED: 1.5W 
Socket Compatibility Intel: LGA2066/2011-V3/2011/1200/
115X CPUs, AMD: AM4/AM3+/AM3 CPUs


CPU Cooler with 4D Patented Corrugated Fin Design
Reverse DTH Technology RDTH is combined with an Interactive Heatpipe Transfer Design IHD for extreme efficiency in the heat transfer from the CPU to heatsink, resulting in extraordinary cooling performance

- Proven Extreme Performance
- ARGB 140mm Fans
- Built for Advanced Cooling
- Intel: LGA2066/2011-V3/2011/1200/115X CPUs
- AMD: AM4/AM3+/AM3 CPUs


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