This kit provides all of the parts necessary to fit your Zalman cooler on AMD AM4 motherboards. Some Zalman coolers already fit AM4 motherboards out of the box with no kit needed, please look up fitment compatibility on our website or at

AM4 Kit will support the following Zalman heatsink and cooler models:

  • CNPS2X
  • CNPS8900 Quiet
  • FX70
  • CNPS14X
  • CNPS9800 Max
  • CNPS9900 Series

The following models do not need AM4 kits but may need AM4 motherboard brackets supplied with your motherboard to fit on the AM4 motherboard:

  • CNPS80F
  • CNPS90F
  • CNPS7000V-AL
  • CNPS7000V-ALCU
  • CNPS5X Peforma
  • CNPS9X Optima
  • CNPS9500A LED


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