This kit provides all of the parts necessary to fit your Zalman cooler on AMD AM4 motherboards. Some Zalman coolers already fit AM4 motherboards out of the box with no kit needed, please look up fitment compatibility on our website or at

AM4 Kit will support the following Zalman heatsink and cooler models:

  • FX70
  • CNPS14X
  • CNPS9800 Max
  • CNPS9900 Series

The following models do not need AM4 kits but may need AM4 motherboard brackets supplied with your motherboard to fit on the AM4 motherboard:

  • CNPS80F
  • CNPS90F
  • CNPS7000V-AL
  • CNPS7000V-ALCU
  • CNPS5X Peforma
  • CNPS9X Optima
  • CNPS9500A LED

Customer Reviews

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Matthew Adea
Satisfied... with effort

At the time of ordering they were sold out for my FX70, but I realized multiple models use the same kit, so I ordered the CNPS9800 one. Weirdly this is not specified on the product page, but there are pictures on the box itself. A frontside sticker also lists the FX70, CNPS14X, CNPS9800 MAX, and CNPS9900-SERIES as compatible.

The alignment is perfect and mounting hardware was easy to install. Note, however, if you have the FX70; screwing in the heatsink is tedious. You have to use the hex key as its the only tool that will reach the mounting screws without being blocked by the fins. Furthermore, I had to install it outside of the case. Of course, this can't be helped when adapting to a socket it didn't originally support, so I have no issues there. It's also great that Zalman thought of this in advance.

Thanks to Zalman for keeping these coolers alive a bit longer.

Lawrence Larson
Wrong parts.

The wrong parts were sent and did not fit my Zalman 9900. I had several YouTube videos to follow and the parts I got where nothing like the parts they got for their Zalman 9900. The box the parts where in clearly said for Zalman 9900 but that is not what I got. You have no idea how angry this made me as I am a huge Zalman 9900 fan. Amazon give me a refund and I had to settle for an ugly CPU cooler. Major disappointment.


It works for its purposes!


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