• Sleek design incorporating alumium panel: The front aluminum panel adds to it's elegant design.
  • Real-time measurement & display of CPU voltage, current, and power consumption: User can conveniently check the CPU voltage, current, and power consumption data.
  • Highly Credible IC: Highly credible IC provides minimum margin of error.
  • Clear and wide viewing angle using FND: FND (Flexible Numeric Display) displays the numbers clearly and provides a wide viewing angle even in a dark environment.
  • Built-in LED: Built-in LED allows easy checking of the voltage, current, and power status.
  • Compatible with ATX12V CPU 4-Pin or EPS12V CPU 8-Pin: Two ATX12V CPU 2x2 (4-Pin) power cables can be combined to form an EPS12V CPU 8-Pin power cable.

Model ZM-PCM1
148(L) x 42(W) x 47(H)mm
Weight 345g
Input 12V DC
Bypass Out12V DC
Cable Compatibility CPU 4 + 4-Pin
Power Range 10~240W
Current Range 0~20A(DC)
Voltage Range3~15V(DC)


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