• Incredible thermal efficiency from 0.19 C/W max
  • 360 degree copper fin design is beautiful and effective
  • Socket 478, 754, 775, 939 and 940 compatible
  • 120mm integral fan maximizes airflow and minimizes noise
  • FANMATE2 variable fan speed controller included


With the CNPS 7700 AlCu, "bigger is better." A quiet, downward blowing 120mm ball bearing fan sits at the heart of a radial array of aluminum and copper convection fins.
While the fan runs at a low 32 dBA in its normal 2000 RPM setting, its Silent Mode drops it nearly 50% to 20 dBA as well as eliminating vibration. With its unrestricted flow, it cools not only the CPU, but the RAM, VGA card, Northbridge and other components.
The included FAN MATE controller lets you choose in which mode the fan operates.
Heat is drawn away from the CPU by the pure copper base of the heatsink and it is transferred up into the twin semi-circular arrays of aluminum and copper fins for dissipation. The 7700 AlCu is only 2/3's the weight of the pure copper model. Both Intel Socket 775 and 478 Pentium 4 chips are supported by the 7700 AlCu. It is also compatible with AMD 64 processors using 754, 939 and 940 sockets.

Model CNPS7700-ALCU
Materials Pure Aluminum, Pure Copper
Weight 600g
Fan Dimensions
120 x 120 x 25mm
Fan Bearing Type
2 Ball
Fan RPM 1,000~2,000RPM ± 10%
Power Connector 3 Pin
Color 2-Tone
Acoustic Noise Level
20~32dB(A) ± 10%
Fanmate2 Dimensions 70(L) x 26(H) x 26(W)mm
Fanmate2 Weight
Fanmate2 Output Voltage
5~11 VDC
Fanmate2 MAX Fan Wattage
Fanmate2 Cable Length
Socket Compatibility Intel:Pentium4 775/478, AMD64:754/939/940


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